Thursday, January 24, 2013

Amazing Igloos Featuring Mcduck!

Hey thought I would share an amazing penguin with you guys! His name is Mcduck! I'm sure at one time or another you have seen one of his cool igloos! :) I have been friends with him for a while now and I have been keeping track of some of his recent igloos for you to enjoy!

 Titanic igloo
 Ski Resort (notice the gray in the middle is the ski lift!)
Log cabin (he was fixing it while I took this)
Castle (not sure if he was done)
Catch ya'll laterz!

Prehistoric Igloos!

Hey fellow penguins!! Here are some of the igloos from the clubpenguin blog! They all are designed with the prehistoric party in mind. :)

Okay love this iggy that Guitar Man 9 did!!
Peace6179 made this awesome jungle igloo!!

Seriously?!?!?!?!?! This igloo is sooo epic!! Can't believe I haven't seen anyone do this before!! Props Troyella!!

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Club Penguin Featured Igloos Week 1

Hey sooooo I've been busy these past two weeks, but I wanted to post the first set of featured igloos!! Oh and happy 4th of July for everyone in the US!!! :)

This first igloo is actually from the club penguin what's new page. I thought this igloo was really cool and I added Hexgirl and got on later that day and she had added me back... lol I got so excited!! haha
 This next igloo is from Pip hatch and this is their resturaunt.  I just like how simple this is and how all the tables and chairs are all the same! :)
 This igloo is from King karate9!  This is his college themed igloo, I really like how there are sooo many places to hang out!
 This igloo is from my friend Jolly eve!  This is her awesome spa! I really like the little pool area. :)
 This igloo is from Brittany354 and its the hunger games!! Love the idea of doing a hunger games igloo!!! So epic!! :)
 Ok so this next igloo is from the amazing Dorothy!!! :) I have been going on Abominable server the past couple of days and this first picture is from her starbucks iggy and the second one was made two days later and its an orphanage! I was amazed when I found her again on this server and I am loving her igloos!! :)

 This last picture is from my friend Go buccs! I just happened to visit his igloo and I was pleasantly surprised! lol I'm not possitive what it is but I think it could be a train station or a mine! Not totally sure, if you have any ideas feel free to write them in the comments!! :)
Hope your having a fantastic summer!!
Waddle on!

My new igloo!! And a couple others..

I just wanted to put up some cool club penguin igloo's that I have had for a while. Summer is a great time to have an epic igloo! I will also be starting to feature five peoples igloos once a week on this blog!

This first igloo is mine that I designed from an old picture from a persons igloo (old blog post). I really like this iggy because I think its something different and kind of cool because you can have a couple friends over or a bunch of people. I also like that you have different rooms and things to do like go on the computers or sit and read a book or sit by the fire or get something to drink at the cafe! :)

This igloo was featured this week on the community blog on club penguin and I thought that Drpenguin193 came up with an awesome idea for how to decorate this new igloo. I love the garden and how he used the mirrors on the wall with curtains.
This next igloo is from my friend and I'm not sure if he deleted me or what but I think his name was harry potter! haha I love his iggy!! I love how it is packed full of trees and plants!

Hope you liked these!! Ttyl!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

June 2012 Club Penguin Furniture Catalog Hidden Items

Hey!! Long time no see!! :) I've been pretty busy lately and happened to forget my email for this blog! haha Anyway I thought I would just update on some of the things going on right now on CP. The furniture catalog has recently been updated and there are a few hidden items! Here they are~

I hope this was helpful!! And I will be hopefully posting more updates this summer! :) Waddle on!!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

The New August furniture items (hidden items!)

Hey everyone!! Thought I would make a little furniture catalog guide for all the hidden items! So you can have amazing igloo's!! :) Also notice I have circled where to click with a red circle around it. :)

This is starting from the first page of the new items:

Second page:

 Third page:

Also I thought I would add a random picture of a cool camping igloo! This is Sarafinita's igloo! Loving it!!
So there you have it, all the hidden items from the new furniture catalog!! :) I'm so glad they brought back the ice table and the snow chairs!!! :D Anywho what do you think about the new igloo items?!?! Are you excited for the new party??!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Awesome Iggy's!!

As you all know there has been an igloo catalog update and I have been on the look out for some ideas how to decorate/themes. Love that they brought the pirate ship back!! And what do you think about the whale mouth one? Kind of weird but kind of awesome!! (looks cool with wood flooring in it)

Anyway this first igloo is pretty cool! I love how they used the vines and seaweed hanging things as a background and all in all this was designed very well! There have been lots of igloo's like this, but I wanted to put one of them up! :) ps I really need to start putting names with these igloo's!!

 This igloo is a carnival!!! I just love it, so colorful and fun!!
 This igloo is from one of my new friends... yes I went to their igloo to check it out.. hahaha. But it ended up being really cool!! Its like a resturaunt/concert/club or something. The layout is nice because you can have different conversations and lots of different possibilities with this igloo! :) Thanks Daniel8879!
 Oooooooh! Love this igloo!!!! Quite a few old items too! Think he called it frozen igloo or something! :)
 This igloo is a fun beach party!! I like how they encircled the water with the palm tree's and made little eating areas. I also like that they had a little dj area and all the party items to go along with it!
 Ok I am really in love with this igloo!!! AH can you guess what it is??!! Sooooo AWESOME!!! (and I am totally lame and didnt get this persons name!!) ok ok I will tell you if you didn't already figure it out..... it's Alice in Wonderland!!!! :D Cool right?! Ok so starting in the left top corner you have the dragon that she has to kill and then down from there is the dark forest she goes through with the cheshire cat. Then to the bottom right corner is the room with three doors and the table with the shrinking potion and the cake/brownie that makes her grow tall!! And last but not least the table up top where Alice has tea with the Mad Hatter and his friends!!!

Hope you enjoyed these igloo's! Cya around! :) Keep Waddling!