Wednesday, August 10, 2011

New Awesome Iggy's!!

As you all know there has been an igloo catalog update and I have been on the look out for some ideas how to decorate/themes. Love that they brought the pirate ship back!! And what do you think about the whale mouth one? Kind of weird but kind of awesome!! (looks cool with wood flooring in it)

Anyway this first igloo is pretty cool! I love how they used the vines and seaweed hanging things as a background and all in all this was designed very well! There have been lots of igloo's like this, but I wanted to put one of them up! :) ps I really need to start putting names with these igloo's!!

 This igloo is a carnival!!! I just love it, so colorful and fun!!
 This igloo is from one of my new friends... yes I went to their igloo to check it out.. hahaha. But it ended up being really cool!! Its like a resturaunt/concert/club or something. The layout is nice because you can have different conversations and lots of different possibilities with this igloo! :) Thanks Daniel8879!
 Oooooooh! Love this igloo!!!! Quite a few old items too! Think he called it frozen igloo or something! :)
 This igloo is a fun beach party!! I like how they encircled the water with the palm tree's and made little eating areas. I also like that they had a little dj area and all the party items to go along with it!
 Ok I am really in love with this igloo!!! AH can you guess what it is??!! Sooooo AWESOME!!! (and I am totally lame and didnt get this persons name!!) ok ok I will tell you if you didn't already figure it out..... it's Alice in Wonderland!!!! :D Cool right?! Ok so starting in the left top corner you have the dragon that she has to kill and then down from there is the dark forest she goes through with the cheshire cat. Then to the bottom right corner is the room with three doors and the table with the shrinking potion and the cake/brownie that makes her grow tall!! And last but not least the table up top where Alice has tea with the Mad Hatter and his friends!!!

Hope you enjoyed these igloo's! Cya around! :) Keep Waddling!

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